PickChow Across America

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ZisBoomBah’s ant trio Zis, Boom and Bah are working hard to fight childhood obesity and its deadly impact. Join us and help us spread the word as we reach across the United States to show kids how to be healthy.

ZisBoomBah is an award-winning innovative company making food fun for kids and supporting parents with knowledge and skills that simplify healthy meals. Initially developed for children to go online and “play with their food”, Pick Chow! Across America was added and offers local chefs an engaging experience to teach kids how to make healthy meals.

PickChow! Across America held it’s inaugural event at the Boulder Creek Festival in Colorado and the results were outstanding! Children were in awe of the cook-off between two award-winning chefs – Chef Hosea Rosenberg, StrEat Chefs and  Chef Chris Blackwood, The West End Tavern – as they battled to create meals that the three kid judges would love. This 1-hour event offered ZisBoomBah and our sponsors a powerful opportunity to educate  children and families about healthy eating in a dynamic and fun environment. Check out our eating adventure at Pick Chow! Boulder or view Pick Chow! Boulder long version.

Pick Chow! Across America offers kids the opportunity to get excited about healthy eating. We invite you to join us!