PickChow Across America

About ZisBoomBah


ZisBoomBah’s mission is to inspire and empower children and parents to livea fun and healthy life!

At zisboombah.com, it’s actually OK to play with your food! We are arming kids 5 to 13 with powerful knowledge and an online tool to teach them to make their own good choices about healthy eating. Recently endorsed by Michelle Obama as the grand-prize winner in the Apps for Healthy Kids Contest, ZisBoomBah’s Pick Chow! web tool makes food fun for kids!

The White House recognizes ZisBoomBah as an award-winning application with the right product at the right moment in the market. Parents and communities are at a loss on how to get kids to eat healthy foods. We have discovered that children really want to make the right choices; however, they don’t necessarily know what those choices look like. There is little support to encourage children to make the right choices. That is why we are getting rave reviews! We offer kids the training and choices while providing support to parents. We are now seeking sponsors who want to be part of the mission to give kids a voice and provide parents with support to make healthy choices for their families.